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Going Public

Going public is a monumental decision for any company. It forever changes how a company goes about doing business. A public company has access to more, and often deeper, sources of capital than a private company. The actual process of going public can be time-consuming and presents certain unique challenges that a company should be prepared to undertake.

The decision process surrounding an Initial Public Offering (IPO) can be just a grueling as the execution itself. It can lead to countless hours of internal discussion and potential turmoil. For organisations considering an IPO, the preparations are complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive. Leveraging our team of experienced professionals, ProInvest can help you throughout the entire IPO process, beginning with the assessment and evaluation of the merits of an IPO as well as exploring all possible options.

At ProInvest Solutions we have a wealth of IPO experience. Our team has been down this road countless times before and can assist you at every stage of your journey to becoming a publicly traded company. Our team is truly multi-disciplinary, covering corporate finance advisory, audit, transaction services, taxation and other specialists from across the firm. The combination of our specialised team and our significant market experience gives us confidence that we can deliver the most valuable and cost effective solutions to you to enable a smooth and efficient transition process.


IPO Services


  • Advise on accounting and reporting considerations

  • Filing requirements (domestic, cross-border, pro forma, etc.)

  • Advise on process and organization transformation

  • Accelerate financial statement close to public company standard

  • IPO readiness assessment from an independent viewpoint

  • Assist with financial statements and footnotes

  • Assistance with IPO project management

  • Post-IPO support

Investing in Pre-IPOs

Due to the way ProInvest Solutions works with potential 'Blue Chip' companies looking to go public, we are able to offer opportunities, to selected private clients, to invest at the pre-IPO stage where most of the profit is made. Please speak to an advisor for availability.  Pre-IPO investments are offered at ProInvest Solutions' discretion and on first-come first-served basis as allocations are very limited.