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How Can We Help Your Family?

The way ProInvest offers that support stems from one key insight: that the term “family office” is just a flexible concept. And so we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to family offices cannot work. Whether you are thinking about creating a family office for the first time or involved with a significant and long-established operation, every case requires a unique approach. That is why, rather than having a set list of family office products, we focus on having a team of specialists who draw on the wider experience from all areas of our global practice to suit each client and their challenges.


Family Office Services:


  • Asset allocation plan development

  • Investment vehicle structures

  • Custodial oversight

  • Retirement planning

  • Balance sheet analysis

  • Allocation and rebalancing oversight

Clients with large families and significant wealth appreciate our extensive experience and advice in relation to their broad range of assets, interests and personal objectives. All of your financial affairs are managed ‘under one roof’, and the person responsible for managing your arrangements will deal with all advisers and specialists so you don’t have to. We provide a wide range of family services some of which may be suitable for your family, some of which may not. We provide strategic and investment services for some clients, for others it could be strategic philanthropy to convenience services. Our highly trained advisors are here to help you choose whats right for you and your family.