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Solid Practices

To a new investor, the stock market can appear a rather daunting experience. But in reality, with low returns on offer from banks and building societies, investing in shares provides an opportunity to achieve greater returns. Here at ProInvest we have a wide range of broker services available. We offer bespoke services and tailored advice to help you achieve your investment goals, whatever they may be.

At ProInvest Solutions our elite advisors aim to make investing easier, so we offer bespoke solutions that offer whole investment strategies to suit your individual needs.

Creative Thinking

We offer lending and equity investments. You can let us build your portfolio for you or you can pick each opportunity that interests you. Most of our investment opportunities can be combined with attractive tax reliefs to reduce risk and enhance returns.

As you build your private company portfolio, you will always know where and when your money is invested. You will receive regular reports on each company you invest in and online access to all your transactions and valuations. With no fees to pay, we aim to offer great value to our investors.

Our Portfolio Services

Managed Portfolio Services

Launched over ten years ago, our MPS is a range of highly-diversified managed portfolios.  They aim to deliver returns well above inflation  with low volatility using an institutional-style investment approach.

Bespoke Portfolio Services

Our Bespoke Portfolio Service is for private clients who have a minimum of £20,000 to invest and require a more personal tailored service. You will have direct access to an investment manager who will manage your portfolio in line with your needs, ambitions and goals

Fixed Interest Portfolio Services

ProInvest's Fixed Interest Portfolio Service is a discretionary service that invests in a range of funds available across the fixed interest spectrum. Blending a range of different fixed interest funds, it aims to achieve a net return materially ahead of inflation.