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About Us

Since our inception in 2005, ProInvest Solutions has grown from a small independant outfit in the Czech Republic, into a multi-faceted organisation employing almost 200 people around the globe. We initially specialised in the provision of insurance mediation in a number of sectors, and have now bloomed into a highly respected financial institution offering a number of services including underwriting, investment broking and tax services, just to name a few.

Our investments are targeted at, but not limited to: infrastructure, property-related, diversified industrials, transport, energy, services, manufacturing, telecommunications and financial services-related industries. .

ProInvest Solutions has enjoyed steady and continuous growth over the years, yet it remains true to its vision: to continue providing exceptional investment management to private and instituional clients alike. Our corporate services team is a new addition to the ProInvest family and will focus on providing best practice, standardisation, continual improvement and support to ProInvest employees and clients The areas of focus cover finance, human resources, legal, quality management, information technology, strategic sourcing, and business development. We seek to invest in high quality companies that have strong business franchises, attractive growth prospects, leading market position and the ability to generate superior returns.

Why Choose ProInvest Solutions?

Corporate Social Responsibility

ProInvest Solutions are committed to occupying an impactful role as a socially responsible corporate entity. This commitment is rooted in a deep moral conviction and is driven by prudent business sustainability practice. In this context we have embraced a variety of socially responsible business practices which include a commitment to pro-actively invest in the social development need of the communities in which we operate



One of our core objectives at ProInvest Solutions is building long term relationship with our clients in order to help you build and preserve your family wealth for generations. Our highly qualified team will work together to deliver the best possible returns, based on an implicit understanding of your financial circumstances, risk preference, expectations and needs.

A Personal


Every client receives a comprehensive financial review in order to build, assess and adjust their financial wealth. This thorough fact-find process will establish financial values objectives and will be maintained by a ProInvest Consultant, together with an extensive support network of highly qualified Technical, Investment, Research and Administration teams.